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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. If your query is in relation to purchasing your tickets, receiving your tickets or changing your booking and your question is not answered below, please contact us at


    • LaplandUK is the UK’s award winning premier Christmas family theatrical experience that recreates Father Christmas’ arctic homeland for one month every winter to celebrate a child’s belief in Father Christmas. The visit lasts approximately 3.5 hours. Adults book their family visit in advance of their daytrip, providing details about each child, which allows Father Christmas to deliver a believable and personalised meeting to each child.
      Before the daytrip, each child is sent a personalised invitation from Father Christmas by post, inviting them to come to his woodland Toy Factory to help his busy elves finish making all the toys in time for Christmas.
      On the day of their visit, each child is issued with an Elf Passport which allows them to journey the elves’ secret woodland pathways to reach LaplandUK. Every family enjoys over three hours of festive fun, helping the elves in the Toy Factory, decorating gingerbread with Mother Christmas, ice skating, meeting the huskies and reindeer, visiting the elves’ village and writing letters from the North Pole post office. Children can even exchange pounds into Elf currency, the Elf Jingle!
      The highlight of the day is of course, your magical meeting with Father Christmas in his woodland home, where every child receives a luxury keepsake gift.
      We have sourced the very best of Britain to deliver this exceptional experience because we are a company that cherishes childhood and understand that families desire the very best childhood experiences for their children.

    • No. LaplandUK is not a theme park, but a temporary immersive theatrical experience. Your visit to LaplandUK is a timed experience, similar in protocol to a theatre production, so punctuality is essential. A tour departs every 30 minutes throughout the day and lasts 3.5 hours.
      The LaplandUK experience begins at the time you choose when booking and follows a fixed itinerary throughout your visit. Your time in the Elf Glade, Toy Factory and Mother Christmas’ Kitchen lasts 1.5 hours in total. Thereafter you have 90 minutes free time to enjoy the atmosphere of the village square where you can go ice skating, dine in the Log Cabin Restaurant, visit Father Christmas’ North Pole Post Office and gift shop and see the elves busy at work as they prepare for Christmas. After the interval it is time for your personalised meeting with Father Christmas, and to visit his reindeer, at the end of your daytrip, approximately 3 to 3.5 hours after the beginning of your tour.
      NB: Unfortunately, failure to arrive punctually for a timetabled activity will result in the loss of this session, as we are unable to reschedule activities.

    • LaplandUK is staged at Whitmoor Forest, Ascot, Berkshire, a beautiful part of the Windsor Estate which is managed by the Crown Estate. Please see our Directions page for further details.

    • LaplandUK will open on Saturday 18th November and close on Christmas Eve 2016. We will also be closed on some weekdays. Tours will depart from 9.00am – 5.00pm.

    • No. Mother and Father Christmas and the Elves will be having a well-earned rest and will no longer be receiving visitors after Christmas at LaplandUK.

    • No. LaplandUK is similar to a theatre production with a fixed capacity. All visits must be booked in advance online. Early booking is strongly recommended to avoid disappointment.

    • Included in the ticket price is a personalised invitation and Christmas Morning Thank You card from Father Christmas to every child by post, entry into Father Christmas’ arctic homeland, an Elf Passport for every child, all activities, ice skating and a beautiful gift for every child. Included your ticket price for 2016 is the booking fee and one souvenir photograph with Father Christmas per booking.

    • Children will be making a soft toy reindeer and a wooden toy with the elves this Christmas.

    • A daytrip to LaplandUK lasts approximately 3.5 hours.

    • Parents, now it’s your turn to play your part in creating the magic! Your child’s invitation will be sent in the same envelope as your entry ticket so it cannot be seen by small eyes! You need to deliver the invitation to your child when and how you feel the most magical – might they find it up the chimney, on their pillow, on the doorstep, in their playhouse etc?

    • Yes. LaplandUK is an event in a natural forest setting. We ‘celebrate winter’, so wrap up warm and wear appropriate clothing and footwear, but don’t worry the majority of the experience is inside to keep you warm and dry. Please be aware that elements of the LaplandUK event are outdoor so, despite best endeavours, the woodland pathways can, at times, become muddy.

    • Yes, babies are classified as a child under the age of 12 months and visit without charge as Observers. Please note a baby ticket does not include participation in any of the activities or qualify for the husky soft toy gift from Father Christmas. Please however, enter your baby’s name during the booking process, as Father Christmas will like to include them when you visit him. Baby food can be heated up in our Log Cabin Restaurant where bottle-warming facilities are available.

    • Unfortunately, due to the presence of reindeer and huskies at LaplandUK, only guide/hearing dogs are permitted (please see Terms & Conditions).

    • No. LaplandUK has a no smoking policy in all areas of the site.

    • Prices in 2017 will range from £49pp on Magic Monday (27th November) to to £120 per ticket closer to Christmas Eve. Our  Superstar Days are priced at £55pp (see below)
    • Included in the ticket price is a personalised invitation and Christmas Morning Thank You card from Father Christmas to every child by post, entry into Father Christmas’ arctic homeland, an Elf Passport for every child, all activities, ice skating and a beautiful gift for every child.
    • This year we are introducing new characters and have expanded the Elf Village. In addition, we have included the booking fee and one souvenir photograph with Father Christmas per booking in the price.

    • LaplandUK is an immersive theatrical experience for the whole family to enjoy. Much like the West End theatre, adult and child tickets are the same price. This unique outdoor theatrical event is newly built to the highest standards every winter and designed by international set designer Sonja Klaus. We celebrate the magic of a child’s belief in Father Christmas creating precious memories for the whole family to cherish for a lifetime.

    • Age 1 – 16 years at the time of visit.

    • Up to and including 12 months of age at the time of visit.
    • If you have not received  your invitations at least 7 days before your visit, please email Your ticket will be emailed to you 48 hours before your tour. Please either print this off or display it on a device for the Elves when you check in. For late bookings made within 5 days of your visit, invitations will not be sent by post, but a downloadable version will be provided for you to print at home and give to your child, should you wish.
      This ticket must be produced on the day of your visit for entry into LaplandUK (please see Terms & Conditions.)
    • Yes
    • Yes, these will become available on the ‘Manage my Booking’ area 2 weeks before the date of your tour
    • Please book the same tour time as the accompanying family but make two separate family bookings. On the day of your visit please arrive at Elf Check In together and advise the elves so that they can allocate you to the same group for the Toy Factory and Mother Christmas activities. We will endeavor to allocate the same group although this cannot be guaranteed. Please note, each family will visit Father Christmas separately to ensure a personalised meeting. Please note Father Christmas’ house only holds 8 visitors comfortably.

    • LaplandUK is a personalised experience aimed at individual family groups wishing to meet Father Christmas and is generally not designed for large parties. However, we are always happy to consider individual enquiries if you contact If we are able to accommodate your group booking, one adult per three children will be required to accompany the party.

    • The maximum group size is 8 due to the size of Father Christmas’ house and to ensure Father Christmas can deliver a personalised experience to each child. If you wish to purchase more than 8 tickets, please make a second booking on the same tour. Each booking must include at least one paying child and one paying adult. On the day of your visit please arrive in good time and advise the Check in Elves that you wish to be grouped together. We will endeavour to group as requested although this cannot be guaranteed. However, all members of the same tour are rejoined on the Village Square after the Glade, Toy Factory and Mother Christmas sessions.

    • For extra magic, you can pre-purchase the toys which feature in the immersive experience (the perfect surprise on Christmas morning) as additional gifts from Father Christmas. You can also buy the book Lapland – The Untold Story of Father Christmas, or Elf Jingles, the official elf currency at LaplandUK.

    • You can collect these from the departure area at the end of your visit. This will be packaged discreetly, ready to give your children on Christmas Day!

    • No. Ticket Cancellation Protection can only be added at the point of purchase.

    • Tickets for Superstar Days can be booked online at 

    • After the booking process you will be asked the following questions about your child to provide the magical personalised audience with Father Christmas so please have the details to hand when making the booking: Child’s name, Child’s date of birth, Child’s favourite person/pet/thing and Child’s favourite hobby or pastime.
    • Yes. We recommend you provide information about your child that is unlikely to change before the date of your visit, however, should you need to update your child’s personal information for Father Christmas, you can do this up to the day of your visit by accessing the Manage My Booking link provided by us in September. This information cannot be changed on the day of your visit other than in exceptional circumstances.

    • Yes. All children visiting Father Christmas receive a collectable soft toy*, newly and exclusively designed for LaplandUK each year. Returning customers, please tick to confirm you have visited LaplandUK before on the Manage My Booking page. * On occasion, guests may be given an alternative toy by agreement with management

    • All bookings are non-refundable (please see our Terms & Conditions).

    • Tour dates or tour times can be transferred for the same season, subject to availability, up to 72 hours before your scheduled visit by logging on to the Manage My Booking link (sent after you book). If you are transferring to more expensive tour you will be charged the difference for the upgrade.
    • Once you have bought your tickets, you will receive a confirmation with a link to a ‘Manage my Booking’ area. you can manage all elements of your booking from here. You will be asked to complete some simple questions about your child including: their favourite person/thing,  and a hobby. This is to ensure that Father Christmas has the correct information when you visit.

    • Yes. We recommend you provide information about your child that is unlikely to change before the date of your visit, however, should you need to update your child’s personal information for Father Christmas, you can do this up to the day of your visit by accessing the Manage My Booking link (sent in after you book). This information cannot be changed on the day of your visit other than in exceptional circumstances. Please ensure you at least fill in your children’s names on the Manage My Booking area of the website when you receive the email after you book, so we will be able to post your invitations as soon as possible. Without this information, we will be unable to send your children their invitations.

    • Extra adults can be added by accessing your Manage My Booking link provided after you book. If additional adults are added after tickets have been dispatched, they will be emailed an E-Ticket.

    • To add an additional child to your booking, follow the Manage My Booking link provided after you book.

    • Yes – a beautiful log cabin restaurant. Families will have the opportunity to purchase a range of delicious hot and cold food and consume them in the wonderful atmosphere of our Log Cabin restaurant in the village square during the interval. We also have a lovely cafe for hot drinks and snacks. Please see our Food page of our website for further details.

    • Unfortunately there is no picnic ground available at LaplandUK. Please note: visitors with special dietary needs are welcome to bring their own food.

    • Yes, the LaplandUK Elf Emporium selling Christmas products is situated in the Village Square. We also have Pixie Mixie’s sweet shop, the Post Office, Bauble’s Bauble shop and Ambolt’s Elf Smith selling their Christmas wares.

    • You will be able to update your booking by accessing your Manage My Booking link (provided in September) up until 18:00 the evening before your tour.

    • You will receive a letter containing details of your booking alongside the personalised invite for your child / children and the thank you cards for Christmas day. Please bring this confirmation letter with you on the day. 

    • No. Every tour begins at a pre-determined time, similar to a theatrical performance. Please check in with the elves 15-30 mins before your tour begins. Please try not to arrive much before then, as there are only limited facilities available prior to the start of your LaplandUK experience.

    • As every visit follows a pre-arranged programme of activities, late arrival will result in a family forfeiting the earliest sessions of their experience. Please do not contact LaplandUK directly if you are running late, but simply inform the Elves on arrival and they will organize for your family to join your tour party at whatever point they have reached on the timed itinerary. (Please see Terms & Conditions).

    • LaplandUK is like a film set, using the world leader in artificial snow production. They provided the snow effects for James Bond, so they can certainly handle the Great British weather!

    • LaplandUK will open. In the highly unlikely event we need to close we will post a message on our website. Families affected by our closure will be rescheduled. If there is no longer availability families will be refunded. Please note LaplandUK does not accept any responsibility for families’ failure to attend if LaplandUK is open.

    • There is free parking to accommodate every visitor at Whitmoor Forest.


    • No. You are free to skate on our real ice rink for as much of your interval time as you wish.

    • Penguin supports are available for young children and there are a number of ice-skating elves who are able to assist. Please note, while every effort is made to make the skating as safe as possible, it is undertaken at your own risk.

    • We provide Junior size 10-13 inclusive and Adult sizes 1-12 inclusive. We do not offer half sizes.

    • Yes, wheelchairs are allowed on the ice rink but please note they are to be taken on at your own risk.

    • LaplandUK is an event in a natural forest setting. Every effort is made to make the site accessible, however, despite best endeavors the woodland pathways and some areas can at times become muddy. For this reason we recommend wheelchair users are accompanied by able-bodied visitors. The woodland pathways are not accessible to electronic wheelchairs.

    • LaplandUK daytrip includes some walking throughout the visit. Please do bear in mind that LaplandUK is constructed in a forest and underfoot can therefore be uneven. There are some steep sections of paths if you require assistance with these the Elves will be glad to help.  

    • No, due to the specialised nature of wheelchairs we do not stock any for hire.

    • No. Please let us know though if this is a problem and we will do all we can to help.

    • Yes, please do not hesitate to ask a member of the team if you need further help.

    • Our aim is to help and assist wherever necessary to ensure as much interaction as possible but please feel free to help where you feel it may be needed.

    • It may be dark in some areas of the Glade but please let us know if your child does not like this and we will work with you to find an alternative option. Noises will include the fun of Christmas, with music and song but nothing too loud and no strobe lighting will be used.

    • We do have First Aiders on site and a First Aid station available for minor injuries, accidents or incidents.

    • The families of children or adults with additional needs.

    • Superstar Days in 2017 take place on the 7th and 12th December.

    • Tickets for Superstar Days can be booked online at or by contacting us at

    • Every ticket on a Superstar Day costs £55.00. These tickets are subsidised by LaplandUK as each tour runs at a 30% reduced capacity and every 45 minutes instead of every 30 minutes to give greater flexibility to our Superstars.

    • Yes, siblings are welcome. As with the standard daytrip, all children under 16 receive a gift from Father Christmas.

    • There is a limited availability of complimentary carer tickets, depending upon which day you come:

      i) Superstar Day

      ii) Standard tours, for which there is a limited availability

      Every party must include one child and one adult minimum to qualify for an additional complimentary adult carer ticket.

      Carer tickets are booked during the standard online booking process. Carers must provide assistance to the visitor and proof of entitlement will be required on arrival at LaplandUK. We accept the following: Letter/notice of entitlement for Personal Independence Payment, Letter from your doctor, DLA (Disability Living Allowance), blue parking badge or Freedom Pass.

    • Yes, as with a standard visit to LaplandUK the party remain together throughout the day and are fully responsible for caring for the Superstars in their party.

    • It will be a more relaxed pace recognizing that sometimes things take a little longer. Increased lunch time, alternative entrance for visitors who have difficulty coping with enclosed spaces. More LaplandUK performance staff to deliver the experience and adapted activities in the Toy Factory and Mother Christmas’ Kitchen.

    • Approximately 4.5 hours.

    • Please contact for further information.

    • You are very welcome to take photographs around LaplandUK, but strictly for non-commercial use. Photographs are permitted in Father Christmas’ house. One professional portrait is included in your booking, and you will have the option of purchasing more professional portraits after the visit.
    • Yes, a professional portrait of your family meeting Father Christmas is included in your booking. Additional professional portraits are available to purchase after your visit. Additional photographs cost £15 or alternatively, purchase three for £30 including downloads.
    • You are very welcome to record videos throughout your daytrip at LaplandUK, including inside Father Christmas’ house.

    • An Elf Jingle is the elf currency used at LaplandUK. £1.00 = 1 Elf Jingle.

    • We recommend a minimum of 10 Elf Jingles (£10.00) per visitor for food and refreshment or souvenirs at the Elf Village.

    • We recommend pre-ordering at the time of booking to benefit from FAST TRACK collection on arrival at LaplandUK.

    • For security reasons we do not send Elf Jingles by post. the Jingles are a part of your ticket, which will be emailed to you 48 hours before your tour.

    • Yes, Elf Jingles can be exchanged back into UK sterling in the Departure Lounge before exiting LaplandUK.

    • Elf Jingles, credit and debit cards are accepted at LaplandUK. Elf Jingles can be exchanged at the arrival Check In area and at the Elf Post office in the Village.

    • Yes, for Big Folk and Little Folk! If a member of your party has a birthday on the day of your visit, please inform the Check In elves on arrival at LaplandUK who will present you with a special LaplandUK birthday badge to wear throughout your visit. The elves will be sure to sing Happy Birthday to you during your visit.