"...Lapland UK offers a green alternative to a three-hour plane journey to the Arctic Circle..."
Independent on Sunday
"...visiting Lapland UK, both in terms of cost and carbon emissions, makes it a much more planet and wallet friendly option..."
Tracy Smith, writer, author and broadcaster on Sustainable Living
"...You're greeted in the woodland glade by Eeko Elf who sings a song called busy elves who reduce, reuse and recycle..."
Janey Lee Grace, BBC Radio 2 presenter

LaplandUK was born out of an ambition to create Christmas magic for children in a more environmentally responsible way than travelling to the North Pole!

By providing a high quality Lapland inspired Father Christmas experience here in the UK, children can enjoy an enchanting Christmas day trip without generating those nasty flight carbon footprints!

As a company we are conscious of our own impact on the environment and are committed to implementing green policies and using sustainable resources.

Furthermore, our very own "Eeko the elf"® is a fun character that teaches children how to look after our beautiful planet and become "EekoTM friendly"!!!

We know there is more work to be done, which we are committed to implementing, but for the moment we are proud of how our little idea is challenging travel convention so that "Christmas really doesn't need to cost the Earth".

what are the carbon stats? are they significant?

family of four
Lapland and back in a day: Carbon footprint is 2 tonnes
Lapland UK daytrip by car: Carbon footprint is 0.01 tonnes