The Sami

The Sami are the indigenous people of Lapland, the geographical area north of the Arctic Circle crossing Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Kola Peninsula of Russia.

The Sami are the northernmost indigenous people of Europe and have a rich history and culture, having lived in this region since pre-historic times.

Having visited Lapland on several occasions we were privileged to spend time with Sami families and became so fascinated by these noble people we wanted to introduce British families to their incredible story.

Traditionally the Sami have followed a variety of livelihoods including fishing and fur trapping, but they are best known for their semi nomadic reindeer herding. Sadly in the past laws were introduced by their respective authorities to deny the Sami their rights (beliefs, land rights, traditional livelihoods and language) but many improvements have been made in recent times to preserve and promote this wonderful culture and heritage.

We are delighted to have borrowed artefacts from the Sami Jokkmokk museum in Swedish Lapland to display at LaplandUK and have now built our own collection of Sami artefacts. We hope you will enjoy visiting our Sami exhibition while at LaplandUK to learn more about the people of Lapland and their wonderful culture.