five stars
"Well done LaplandUK"

five stars
"It really does cast a Christmas spell, it's beautifully done"


five stars
"This is just as wonderful as the real Lapland"

The Mirror

five stars
"Your audience with Father Christmas couldn't be more idyllic"

Daily Star

five stars
"For the ultimate Christmas experience look no further than LaplandUK

The People

five stars
"Magic is what LaplandUK does very well"

five stars
"This is a day that will be treasured forever"

The English Home

"Had a great day with the kids at LaplandUK! Sooo cute to see them so excited meeting Santa! Awww.."

Cheryl Cole

"Thank you LaplandUK"

Mark Owen, Take That

"Thanks for an awesome day"

James Morrison. Singer/Songwriter

"Great production thanks Santa"

Sir Paul McCartney

"Thanks for a lovely day"

Will Champion. Coldplay

"It was the best day out for kids EVER! I took my sister's kids and we absolutely loved it."

Alan Carr. Comedian

"Just magical. Thank you Lapland UK."

Natasha Kaplinsky

"To LaplandUK thank you so much"

Peter Andre. Singer/TV Personality

"I am speechless for once. Everything a parent dreams of."

Katy Hill, TV Presenter

"My faith has been restored by LaplandUK- really well done."

Kirstie Allsopp

"Had the most magical day at LaplandUK"

Natasha Hamilton, Atomic Kitten

"Thank you for a lovely day."

Nancy Sorrell and Vic Reeves

"LaplandUK was magical and a must for all kids that still believe"

Jeff Brazier, TV Presenter

"Ho, ho, ho LaplandUK"

Zoe Ball. Radio/TV Presenter

"Utterly Magical"

Gabby & Kenny Logan. TV Personality

"The children were enthralled by the LaplandUK experience - it was a magical way to meet Father Christmas"

Alex Jones, The One Show host. TV Personality

"Thanks for a fantastic day"

Charlie Brooks. Actress

My son hugged Father Christmas and said "This is the best day of my life". It was simply wonderful.

Graham Dene, radio presenter

"This was TRULY a magical day for my kids who will remember this experience forever. The whole experience was simply perfect."
"It was seriously brilliant, we would love to come back next year."

Dominic Wood (Dick and Dom)

Written comments made by celebrity visitors on souvenir photographs, our visitor book, Facebook or Twitter.

"I have just returned from a wonderful day at LaplandUK. It really was an amazing experience enjoyed by the whole family. I cannot recommend it enough!!
Having been to Finnish Lapland, I wondered how well the experience could be replicated but could not have been more pleasantly surprised. Well done!! Many thanks."

D Moore, December 2012

Just wanted to express my sincere thanks for the most amazing experience. Myself, my husband and my two little ones had the most fantastic time.
I come from a TV production background and thought the event planning was brilliant and the attention to detail outstanding.
You did what I hoped you would do, created some pure wonderment and magic. Thank you so so much!"

The Palmer-Watts Family, December 2012

"Dear Lapland UK
I recently visited you with my daughters, aged 7 and 4.
I was slightly skeptical about the day as some years ago I visited Finnish Lapland and thought it would be hard to match, let alone beat, in terms of the experience. I need not have worried. We had the most fun, enchanting and magical day. You have clearly thought of everything - and more! The attention to detail and the quality at every levels was nothing short of exceptional. I was really very, very impressed and my family and I had a wonderful day.
So thanks a million - the memories will stay with us for many years to come.
Kind regards."

A McManus, December 2012

"I just wanted to say what a wonderful experience we had a Lapland UK. From start to finish it was totally professional and magical. It was worth every penny and kept the magic of Father Christmas alive for my 9 year old for another year. As he said, 'Now I know I've met the real Father Christmas.'
Kind regards"

Lesly, December 2012

Wow! We had a fantastic time at Lapland UK yesterday, I didn't want the day to finish and we wanted to do it all again!

I have visited alot of Santas and Lapland UK is defiantly the ultimate experience. I was really impressed, it was all so organised and thought out. The staff were all very professional and played their parts extremely well which made the experience very real. The layout of Lapland UK and the detail to everything was brilliant, so much better than what I expected. The cabins with the toy factory and Mother Christmas were layed out superbly. Santa was brilliant too, very real and my son (7yrs) was amazed that he knew he liked pepe the brazilian footballer. The owners have really made Lapland UK a magical place. It was truely an unforgettable experience which my children will remember for the rest of their lives.

Claudine, December

"I would like to take this opportunity to offer the most sincere thanks from my family and I and from all the families of 36 Engineer Regiment. The whole event is wonderfully produced and proved to be a most captivating experience."

Lieutenant Colonel S J Hulme MBE RE, December

"My friend Teresa and myself Kay took our grandchildren to LaplandUK on 5th December. I can say we all had the best time ever. Everything from the moment we arrived was magical. I would recommend that everyone who has young children take them to LaplandUK."

Kay Gilmour, London, December

"We would just like to say that the experience was fantastic and would highly recommend this to our friends and family. The children thought the Huskies we're brilliant. Once again thanks for a wonderful day."

Steve Clack, December

I just wanted to say 'Thank you' for the most amazing day on Saturday. My Daughter, Son in law, 2 1/2 year old grandaughter and I visited for the first time. It was magical from beginning to end. The attention to detail, the fantastic staff who kept to their characters throughout the day and the wonderful Father Christmas had my grandaughter mesmerised the whole day. It was worth every penny just to watch her enjoyment and see her face.

Thank you again.

Val Petch

Dear Lapland UK

Just wanted to let you know what a fabulous time my 8 year old son and I had last Sunday. He is my 5th child and I wanted to keep the magic alive for just a little longer. I thought the whole place was amazing and a very sleek tour ( I had heard from previous years that the elves were sulky teenagers-nothing of the sort this time) The decor was stunning-I especially enjoyed the mother Christmas gingerbread log cabin. It was a truly magical evening that we both thoroughly enjoyed. He really believed that he had a personal invite from Father Christmas-much to the annoyance to his school mates who can't understand why they weren't chosen!

Thank you so much-I keep looking at his photo and relive the experience and to see his little face-shame he won't believe for much longer-I wonder whether his 20, 18, 16 and 12 siblings should still be hanging out their stockings!

Kate Swallow


We spent a lovely day there on Sunday and the children cannot stop talking about the visit and the elves.

Yours sincerely

Rachel Davies, December

I am writing to tell you my thoughts on my family's visit yesterday to Lapland UK.

I went with my husband, and two young sons, Sonny who is 6 and a half, and Brandon who is 3 and a half.

My eldest (Sonny) had been told at school a few weeks ago that Father Christmas was not real by another child, so when he found his invitation in his stocking the morning before our visit he couldn't believe it!! We had also had the conversation about the other FC's at shopping malls being FC's helpers as he couldn't be everywhere at once, this had led to a lot of questions from Sonny, so I was hoping this outing would put his fears at rest, at least for another year!

From the moment we entered your site to the moment we left, both my son's truly believed they were in the magical world of Lapland. All of the elves were funny, silly, chatty and extremely friendly, nothing was too much trouble for them, they were willing to have conversations with my two boys and didn't seem to rush the conversation at all. Not once did I hear or see any of them fall out of character even when chatting to the parents!

The artificial snow was fantastic and really added to the magic.

The toy factory was very magical and watching my two laugh at the elves was really lovely, there was one extremely silly elf, I think her name was Conker who hadn't earnt her bell yet, she was fantastic!

Mother Christmas was my boy's favourite, she had lots of time for each of the children, as well as telling them a lovely story and giving my eldest a huge cuddle when he gave her one, she came across very very well!! There was a boy elf in here who was very very funny and was worth every single penny of his pay packet!!

Then the meeting with the big man himself, this was something both myself and my husband were slightly nervous about due to Sonny's questions and small doubts, we were led down a pathway by a lovely elf, her name escapes me, the path seemed to go on forever and really did feel like we were in the middle of nowhere and were the only one's seeing Father Christmas, all of a sudden both the children let out a yelp as they saw FC's cabin, after chatting to the elf he came to the door and spoke to both children, from the look's on their face's we could see we had nothing to worry about. The FC was fantastic, brilliantly dressed and the beard looked authentic! They had a lovely long chat with FC and were not rushed at all, they loved their husky's which have not left their side!!

I just wanted to say thank you for giving us all a fantastic day, my two son's are convinced that they travelled to Lapland and that they met the real Father Christmas, so much so that I heard my eldest telling his brother last night whilst in the bath "see Brandon, Mummy and Daddy were right he is real".

Worth every penny!!!


Mrs Carrie-Ann Boswell, December


We did make it and our son had a super day as always.

I noticed Lapland had made some efficiency savings but this did not impair our day. I think changing the schedule by having the skating first was better and liked the fact you had 'the penguin pushers' for the non skaters was a good idea.

Plenty of staff on hand who all really made the experience magical.

We love your shop and the items you sell too, have you thought of selling items on line - perhaps through Amazon as sure people would buy these from you.

Thanks again, and I do hope you plan to continue.


Paula Grady, December

Had to email you as soon as we got home, got to say the biggest thank you ever, the children had a fantastic time, we all really enjoyed ourselves so much, this has made their year.

Kind regards

Sue Howes, December

Thank you so so much, we had an absolutely amazing time yesterday. We had no idea what to expect & we were all so impressed, the attention to detail was fantastic & the magic of Father Christmas was all around ! (even as adults we were under the spell !!) The toy making, Mother Xmas, Skating - all thoroughly enjoyed by us all.

Many thanks & Christmas best wishes,

Katie Williams, December

It was the best day out for kids EVER!
I took my sister's kids and we absolutely loved it.

Alan Carr - Comedian

I visited on Friday 27 November with my daughter, son in law and two grandsons. We came all the way from North London and Hertfordshire.
Absolutely magical!!

I couldn't fault anything, even the food was yummy, which in my experience isn't always all that at these kind of events. The whole thing was well thought out and set up and if you could have seen my grandsons eyes when Father Christmas spoke to them about things only personal to our family, AMAZING!!!

For me, the huskies were my thing, I cried when I had photos with them. Also, to see my small grandsons ice skating for the first time is a memory I shall never forget.

So if this was supposed to be the awful place that was an article in the Daily Mail, not only were you SOOOO wrong, you didn't do any damage cause the place was packed and when we were leaving after five hours there, people were still arriving!!


Thank you Lapland UK

Marina, London N12, November

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you for organising my family?s visit to Lapland UK last Sunday. The kiddies had a fantastic time and loved the whole experience. There were some amazing moments that left them feeling full of wonder and awe. When the doors opened and we walked into LaplandUK it made me feel, as a grown up, what maybe it felt like to walk through the wardrobe into Narnia and when Finn and Amelia saw their names in Father Christmas's book of good children they were amazed, their faces were alight and glowing ? truly wonderful to see your children experience such magic.

So thank you ever so much, we are all very grateful to you.

Jo Strevens, November 25

We came to visit you today with our son Albert (aged 3) and had to write to tell you what an amazing day we all had.

The attention to detail was fantastic and there was definitely magic in the air. We loved all the activities, there was always plenty to do, the food was superb, I could go on forever!

In particular we wanted to thank the elves and Sami people, they were a joy to meet, always happy to talk to the children or offer help, and never let their characters slip. The young lady elf that took us to meet Santa was outstanding, Albert adored her, in our opinion she was the star of the day. Father Christmas was superb and spent quite a while chatting to Albert; we didn?t feel rushed at all and were delighted with all of our gifts.

So thanks once again for a truly magical day, we shall cherish the memories for a lifetime and will be recommending Lapland UK to all of our friends, it really is an amazing once in a lifetime experience quite literally without "costing the earth".

Merry Christmas to you all.

Mr and Mrs Webber and Albert, November 20

I have just returned home from my first visit to Lapland UK with my son, his wife and my grandchildren, we have had a wonderful day from start to finish. I am very impressed with the running and cleanliness of the venue and cannot praise it highly enough. My grandchildren have been given a magical memory for life. Every member of staff went out of their way to be friendly and nice and the children were given priority all day...very refreshing it seems to be back to old British values.

One young man on the ice skating rink really stood out to me, he was always there when someone fell or needed help, he was very tuned into the health and safety of the rink. He seemed to make himself in the right spot without being obtrusive and at one time someone fell behind him, he heard and immediately turned to help. I was very impressed with his commitment to the job and his name is Mark Hoskins.

Thanks again for a wonderful day, I will be bringing all my grandchildren next year.

Carol Rothon, November 15

A fantastic experience - for the grown-ups in the party as well as my daughter! In particular I would like to thank the lovely elf who skated around the rink very patiently with her, encouraging her all the time.

Walking through the forest, lit up by fairy lights and emerging into the clearing where Santa's house is was just one of the most magical things I've done. It's something that we'll never forget.

Lesley, November 15

My children and I have had a magical time at LaplandUK... It was fantastic, well done!

Marna, November 12

We travelled from North Yorkshire to visit Lapland UK on the 13th of December 2008. The long journey was SO worth it.

My 5 year old son and 15 month old daughter absolutely loved it. Nearly as much as I did! I actually shed a tear watching my son walk hand in hand with an 'Elf' through the snow covered forest to Santa's cabin, so beautiful.

We will be booking again next year when my daughter will be 3 and she can experience the magic......can't wait.

Claire Dolly Rae, November 18

…It was one of the best days out we've ever had!

The whole set up was excellent, my little girl wandered around with a look of excitement and wonder all day.

It was extremely well organised and ran like clockwork. All of the activities were very well run by Santa's elves.

The staff were all brilliant and showed a huge interest in the children, making sure that each child was spoken to at every opportunity.

The whole day was magical and I would not hesitate in recommending it to others. I just wish I was going again today!…

West Sussex - Nov 15

We attended on the Monday before Christmas and from the moment we walked out of the time tunnel into Lapland totally covered in snow our day took a turn for the magical. My 3 children were amazed and I lost count of the times I welled up with emotion throughout our visit. Santa was spot-on too, the walk through the snow laden woods which lead to his abode just added to the magic....and then he sits there and time is no trouble as the kids settle, his giant book and the way he spoke to them was perfect. The presents were great, as were the ones for the parents....and the grandparents - awesome.

Everything was perfect, I cannot describe it highly enough. I will tell anyone with children to attend in 2009, we will be returning. Thank you for giving me the best Christmas I've had in my life.

Kirk Wilson, Norfolk

…The experience can only be described as magical and our Children, aged 3 and 5 at the time, truly believed that they visited Lapland and met Father Christmas.
Everything that your staff did during the visit worked to complete the effect of the wonderfully laid out Village and I must particularly commend your story tellers in the Sami tents. They captivated my children and I think they would have happily stayed in the tents all day just listening to stories.

Thank you to Staff and Organisers who have provided such a wonderful fantasy land.…

Dartford, Kent - Dec

Dear All

We have just been to LaplandUK and it was just magical.

Thank you all so much. The staff, food, and general ambiance were amazing.

There were 6 adults and 1 child in our family group today - ranging from 4 years old (the only child!) to her great grand mother! We all had a ball - great grandmother didn't go ice skating, but that was about all she didn't do!!

Father Christmas was so special, he gave Hattie all the time in the World, and she thought he was just wonderful. A big thank you to the lovely tall elf that took us all down to see Father Christmas - he was so sweet and kind, we felt like we ere the only people in Lapland! Please thank the elf from the Digweed/Alwen Family - Hattie thought he was nearly as special as Father Christmas!

Please let me know where LaplandUK is next year - we will all be there again I promise.

Happy Christmas to you all and thank you for making our day so special.

The Digweed & Alwen Family

…The highlight was an individual audience with Father Christmas himself. My grandson was led down into the woods by an elf who talked to him about 'finding' Father Christmas in the woods. We arrived at a charming house in the woods and my grandson waited in the porch until he was called in. The look of wonder on his face was worth the entry fee alone…

Bexhill - Nov 16

…We took our 5 year old son to LaplandUK and it was simply one of the best days out ever, we all really enjoyed the day and the food was great and tasty. Seeing Santa was awesome and my son truly believes he has seen the real one now. Everyone was so friendly there. They have a brilliant departure gate and you have to collect your "Elf" passport, the quality of these little things is second to none…

Dec 02

…I have been skiing several times and know what the ambiance is like - and somehow even with the false snow - which the children still made snowballs with - they managed to capture this.

The ice rink was such a hit - we couldn't get the girls off! Father Christmas convinced me - and the girls jaws dropped when he knew things about them like their best friends name and favourite pets - even I was moved!

East Sussex - Nov 15

A huge thank-you to LaplandUK for providing a perfect blend of elements and entertainment and magic from start to end. We had the privilege of a 5.00 pm start, and the light effects in the trees and the snow / snowing effect looked pretty flawless.

The lady elves in the reception area were able to tickle the children's funny bone instantly, and set the mood for the rest of the experience.

we were taken along a series of paths and waited with great excitement and anticipation for the elf to open the door to be greeted by THE REAL Father Christmas. He was everything you'd wish for from head to toe, and my children loved him so much that they even sang him a song, that's how comfortable they felt with him, as they knew he knew who they were from the information he had on them both…

Wivenhoe - Nov 21

…ALL of the staff were excellent and seemed aware of how important it was to make this a magical experience. We got to stroke and cuddle huskies, see reindeer, it was just fantastic.…

Kent - Dec 03

…it was a wonderful experience for the family especially for our daughter who is 5 yrs old! The timetable for the "Experience and Visit" was very punctual. All elves were cheerful and friendly plus the Saami guides who are very helpful...The settings in the woodlands too was magical…

it was an unforgettable family day for us. There were no long queues, no long waiting, all activities were entertaining and it was a good value for money!
It's been a wonderful & magical experience visiting LaplandUK……

Windsor - Nov 14

…Very nervous that we were going to destroy the magic of Christmas for our 7 year old but it was great. He knows that all the Santa's leading up to Christmas are not real and that you fly in a plane to get to the North Pole so how would this work?

A magical 'pathway' led by elves to a real winter wonderland with snow everywhere, huskies wandering around with their Saami owners, ice skating in the middle before making a real toy which "another child will open on Christmas Day"... all fantastic!

He hasn't stopped telling everyone that he met the 'real' Santa this time, who knew all about him!…

Marlow, Bucks - Dec 02

…The Santa we saw at LaplandUK was absolutely BRILLIANT. Completely authentic, totally immersed in his role and he even almost convinced me he was the real McCoy! As I stood watching and listening to him talking to the children I realised I was grinning from ear to ear - and when I looked at my partner she was doing the same.…

Romney Marsh - Nov 20

…As soon as you walk through the door you find yourself in a wonderful woodland glade, where another elf chats to the children about the strange world they live in. You then walk down the woodland path beautifully lit with fairy lights until you find yourself in 'Lapland' complete with snow.…

Kent - Nov 19

…Father Christmas was wonderful. We had to tiptoe up to his cabin, and my daughter waited nervously outside.....when we came out she truly believed that he was "the" FC, and was completely thrilled.…

Berkshire, UK - Nov 16

…From the moment we entered the magical forest glade (which is an experience in itself!) we had Lapland! The whole day was organised with precision though you never felt rushed every place you visit, your "passport" is stamped with a unique stamp for each activity which is a wonderful momento of the day - Father Christmas was quite simply the best I have ever seen fact I think he IS the REAL Father Christmas!…

Southampton - Nov 18

…We took four boys aged 7, 8, 9 and 10 to LaplandUK and had a fantastic time. The two older ones are beginning to question Father Christmas, but by the end of the day any doubts were dispelled and they were completely enthralled. We visited the toy factory, decorated gingerbread, posted letters to Santa and did some ice skating. But the highlight had to be a magical walk through the woods as the light started to fade and the fairy lights twinkled to see Father Christmas.…

Kent - Nov 18

…I took my two children, 8 and 4, to LaplandUK last week and I thought it was brilliant. This year they've made sure you get a time slot in each activity, from Gingerbread icing with mother Christmas, to meeting Santa. There's also free time to simply run around and take in all the snowy walkways and Christmassy goings on. The addition this year of the two-course meal and ice skating at the end really made our day. The meal was done really well, a good choice of little pies and lunches, perfect for both children and adults. All yummy. Good coffee, nice cakes. The ice rink was fun and you got plenty of time on it and lots of helpful people on hand to help with putting on skates and even the skating itself.

Father Christmas himself was lovely and my two were amazed when he knew some things about them. It was really sweet to see. It's worth it just for the look on their face…

Brighton - Nov 18

…We went with grandparents, a 14 year old, a 10 year old and a 3 year old and even a 21 year old!!!!! Everything was great, really well organised. The food was even good which surprised me. We saw real reindeer and husky dogs. We got there for the 12.30 slot which was good as we left at around 5pm so it was dark when we left and all the Christmas trees were lit up, it made us feel really like Christmas was here already…

Kent - Nov 14

…from the moment we arrived the elves entertained the children and helped them on their journey to Lapland, the children helped make the toys and made gingerbread biscuits, had a great lunch then were given a while to send letters to Santa and go to see the reindeers then the magical experience of seeing Father Christmas where he talked to the boys personally about their interests and friends and gave them a fantastic present each (and the adults too), you are then left to enjoy the skating and shop for as long as you wish. MAGICAL…

Hertfordshire - Nov 21

…Went to LaplandUK on Saturday 13th December - possibly the worst day's weather we have had - rained non-stop all day. In spite of this we had a fabulous day - our five children all enjoyed themselves immensely - the whole experience builds on the anticipation of seeing Father Christmas through various activities. The staff are all well trained and "on message" commendations to the elves and Sami - the food was more than acceptable - all in all a very special day out.

Special commendation for Father Christmas who has got it just right - how many of us have had children in tears instead of enjoying seeing him - not with this one he is completely right for the part - allows children to get settled and comfortable before introducing himself etc.

Also note there is nothing cheap or tacky about this "experience" all fittings, gifts, buildings, are really expensive, and are not to be compared in any way to the two "fake" Lapland we have been hearing about.…

Oxted, Surrey - Dec 19

…Having taken my two children (5 and 9) to LaplandUK to see Santa this year, I will definitely be booking again next year. They both had the time of their lives. The whole day was well organised and a lot of thought had gone into everything. The snow was even cold! Great place to visit, would recommend it to everyone…

Kent - Nov 18

…We visited the reindeer and stroked real huskies - they had such a lovely temperament.

The visit to Father Christmas was lovely. There didn't seem to be any time limit. You should have seen our grandson's face when FC started talking to him about his pony Whizzy and our dog Meg!!

Ice skating was fun. The Elves took him around the rink and he couldn't stop laughing.

A great day to remember and thoroughly recommended…

Stratford Upon Avon - Nov 24

…We started our adventure when we reached the entrance to the enchanted forest, As we made our way through, guided by a very friendly elf, we could hear the chirping and squeaking of animal sounds coming from the undergrowth. It was beautiful, and truly enchanting. When we left the forest, we were in a glade surrounded by fir trees, covered in "magic" snow that never melts!! We went to a rocking-horse factory, where the children had to finish off the heads, by placing the manes and bridles into position, then on to Mrs Christmas's ginger-bread kitchen to decorate gingerbread men, and have a story read by Mrs. Christmas. By now I was wishing I had taken a little pair of shoes with me to change into, as I was walking round awe-inspired, as a six-year old!…

Southampton - Nov 25

I couldn't find anywhere else on the website to post this so hope this reaches the right people!

We visited LaplandUK on Sunday 14th December. Because of all the recent press about other Lapland sites being so bad, we were a little worried that we'd spent a lot of money on something that would turn out to be just as disappointing. We couldn't have been more wrong; our daughter, aged nearly 5, had a fabulous time and really thought she'd been transported to Lapland via the magic tunnel. Every part of the visit was superb - the initial invitation, the check-in, the gate & magic tunnel through to the helping in the toy factory, decorating gingerbread men and of course the visit to Father Christmas which lasted for ages - not to mention the huskies, reindeer, story telling and ice skating. I would recommend you to anyone (and in fact have already!) with young children as they are sure to have a wonderful, magical time. Everything was of the highest quality and it was run like clockwork. Well done, and thank you, you've done an amazing job.

Mrs S Worth, Caterham, Surrey

I just wanted to drop you a line following our visit yesterday, booking reference XXXX

I am quite a cynical person and if something is wrong I will not hesitate in criticising it. With the recent bad press concerning establishments that carry a similar name to yours and combined with the high cost of entry to your facility, I thought this had all the makings of a day where I was destined to be ripped off! And I was not looking forward to it.
However I have to say that it was money well spent, the four of us that came and in particular my 6 year old had a great time. I appreciate attention to detail and things of quality and they were all there. Even the staff were very good and it was pleasing to see all the young members of staff were all intelligent, friendly and helpful.
I am sure that it would be all too easy to cut corners, whether it be with the standard of staff or the extra facilities so to increase the profit margins. However we paid a lot of money for our trip but I can’t complain because I can see that it was money well spent. So if you continue with this each year please keep the same level of service and quality and maintain the high standard that you have set.

Thank you and happy Christmas

Craig Johnson

We have just returned home from an absolutely enchanting afternoon & early evening visit, to LaplandUK We are a family of 4, with a 9.5 year old Son & a 5 year old Daughter. I think it would be fair to say that our Son’s belief in Father Christmas was wavering but, after our private family visit to see the man Himself, all faith has been restored. The look of wonder on their faces as we approached Santa’s cabin along the snowy, fairy lit path is a memory that will stay with us forever and, the sheer amazement on my Son's face as Santa mentioned his Cousins' & Best Friend’s names was wonderful. Santa didn’t rush them at all & we left his cabin with our faith in Christmas fully restored – even the grown ups'!

The quality of the food, was a pleasant surprise, the reindeer & huskies'were lovely to see & added to the authenticity of the day. All the Staff, were very pleasant & helpful and the ice-skating made for a perfect end to a wonderful day, thank you so much.
Many Thanks & Merry Christmas,

The Allen Family, Thundersley, Essex.

I visited LaplandUK on Friday 19th December with my wife, son and his wife, and our three grandchildren.

What a day we had!  It was brilliant.  Right from the start to seeing Santa when our 9 year old granddaughter came out and said "That was really Santa... I mean he was the real one!"

In this day of Super Theme Parks with long queues, LaplandUK was organised well, thought through and a Christmas gem of true Christmas.

From the snow burdened trees, Christmas tree lights, huskies, deer mascots and, of course, the ice rink with its Christmas tree lit up, it is a picture.

Well done to all staff for their commitment to LaplandUK.

Happy Christmas.

Dave and Pam Gibson, Granddad and Nanny
James and Michelle, Mum and Dad
Charlotte, 9
Shawn, 14

Customer Survey

Magic Moments at LaplandUK

We hear so many wonderful stories of "Christmas magic" at LaplandUK we wanted to share some of our favourites with you.


We were all moved when we received a telegram from a soldier serving in Afghanistan asking Father Christmas to give his wife and son a special hug when they visited LaplandUK as it would be their first Christmas apart.

Inspired by this magic moment, LaplandUK invited 200 families of troops serving in Afghanistan to be our guests and receive special messages from their loved ones overseas delivered by Father Christmas himself. A magical day was enjoyed by all!

We wish all our brave troops and their families a merry Christmas.

"We hope you all enjoy another magical day out at LaplandUK!"

"Miracle at LaplandUK"

Just like the scene in the classic movie "Miracle on 34th Street" a little deaf boy visiting Father Christmas was amazed to find clever Father Christmas knew sign language and made his Christmas dreams come true by signing their whole meeting.

A magical memory the whole family will never forget.....Father Christmas really does exist!

Father Christmas "will you marry us?"

Simon wanted to find a magical way to propose to his partner Kerry so what could be better than having Father Christmas pull the engagement ring from his sack?

Simon and Kerry married at Gretna Green in July and their story is currently featured in Nov-Dec's Tesco Magazine.

The Foster Mum's story

We have many special foster parents who visit us every year and write to tell us of the impact a trip to LaplandUK has on the children in their care.

One special little girl with many challenges had an emotional breakthrough after meeting Father Christmas. So profound was the impact of Father Christmas that it inspired foster Mum Claire to travel from Oxford to address 300 LaplandUK staff members on the importance of their work.

Claire visited us again this year- with 9 foster children!

Special Start to Christmas for Demelza Families as They Visit LaplandUK

Christmas came early for some of the families being cared for by Demelza Hospice Care for Children.

Seventeen families who use Demelza’s services were given the chance to enjoy the delights of LaplandUK at Bewl Water, near Lamberhurst on Saturday November 26th.

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