Lapland UK

I wonder if your children could help me this Christmas?

Because the children of the world have been so very good this year, my elves have more toys to make than ever before.

I am worried they will not finish their work in time for Christmas so I have decided to invite some lucky children to visit me in my snowy homeland to help those busy elves with their toy making.

To make the special journey to LaplandUK, I have arranged for the children to travel as elves do, along their secret forest pathways that will magically take them to my arctic homeland.

Helping the toy factory elves is just one of the many wonderful things I have organised for your children to enjoy while visiting LaplandUK…

They will also love to meet all of my friends – the elves, the reindeer herders with their reindeer and husky dogs…

…and my dear wife Mother Christmas, who will show the children how to decorate my favourite gingerbread.

Don’t forget they need to send me a letter from the North Pole post office before you all try the elves favourite sport: ice skating!

Most importantly of all, I look forward to meeting all of your family in my snowy woodland home, where I have a special gift for every child to thank them for helping me on this special day.

Fondest regards, Father Christmas