Lapland UK

The Magic of LaplandUK

To see the magic of LaplandUK, please watch the video below

LaplandUK is an award winning immersive Christmas family theatrical experience that invites Big and Small Folk to step through a magical door into Lapland, travel along secret pathways, uncover the hidden Elven village and help Father Christmas’ Elves make toys for the children of the world.

Your LaplandUK experience starts long before you arrive for your tour.

Once you have booked, you will be asked to fill out some details about your child including their name, favourite thing and a recent achievement in preparation for their personalised meeting with Father Christmas. As time draws closer to the date of your visit, you will receive your child’s personalised invitation from Father Christmas in the post.

This invitation is the first part of your child’s experience with LaplandUK. You will receive in the post, a welcome letter from LaplandUK, your child’s invitation from Father Christmas asking for their help in his Toy Factory this Christmas and a Christmas morning thank-you card from Father Christmas. There are many magical ways that you can give this special invitation to you child. Will they receive it in the post? Or perhaps under their pillow? Down the chimney or under the Christmas tree?

On the day of their visit, each child is presented with their very own Elf Passport which allows them to journey along the elves’ secret woodland pathways to reach LaplandUK.

Every family enjoys over three and a half hours of festive fun, helping the Elves in the Toy Factory, decorating gingerbread with Mother Christmas, ice skating, meeting the huskies and reindeer, visiting the elves’ village and writing letters from the Elves’ post office. Pounds can even be exchanged into Elf currency, the Elf Jingle!

The highlight of your day is of course, your magical and personalised meeting with Father Christmas in his woodland home, where every child receives a beautiful toy to treasure.

Any Magical Extras purchased via your Manage My Booking portal will be ready for discreet collection as you leave LaplandUK.

Continue the magic at home on Christmas morning by leaving your child’s Thank You card from Father Christmas to discover with their presents.

Price includes a personalised invitation from Father Christmas to each child, Christmas Morning Thank You card, entry to LaplandUK, Elf Passport, all activities including ice skating, a beautiful gift for each child and a souvenir family photograph with Father Christmas.