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  • Tickets for the 2017 season will be released for a limited time in July.

    The next release of tickets will be in September. For private-sale windows and to be the first to know about tickets make sure you follow us on Facebook for all the latest news from LaplandUK  

  • Prices start at £65, and vary in price depending on which day you visit LaplandUK.

    Our specially designed Superstar Days tickets are £55 and, new to 2017 is Magic Monday (27th November) priced at £49.

  • During ticket windows simply click on 'Book Tickets' 

  • Compass, the learned pathfinder Elf plots the sleigh’s route around the world following the patterns of the stars and always keeping ahead of the rising sun.

  • We recommend you arrive 20-30 minutes before the start of your tour. If you booked for the11:00 tour, we’d therefore recommend you aim to arrive between 10:30 and 10:40 to check-in and ensure you have everything you need. Please bear in mind that your visit to Father Christmas will take place approximately 3 hours into your tour.

  • LaplandUK is based in the beautiful Whitmoor Forest, Ascot. During the year this is a popular walking spot managed by the Crown Estate; but come November the Elves make their magical pathway known to Humanfolk visitors. For more information, see our Directions page.

  • Mid-Christmas is the Elven Festival that starts on the middle-day between Chrismasses (July 2nd is 182 days SINCE Christmas and 182 days TO Christmas). The Festival lasts for two weeks, and no work gets done at all! Traditionally this is when Mother and Father Christmas like to take a holiday.

  • Your whole tour will last between 3.5 - 4 hours.

  • Our ‘Personalise My Visit’ portal is part of the website that you can… well… personalise your visit! Once booked, you’ll receive a link via email directing you to create a password. You’ll then be able to login and edit nearly every aspect of your booking; buying extra tickets, adding magical extras or changing the date if you need to (Subject to availability)

  • The reindeer only fly on Christmas Eve when they are fed magic moss that grows in Lapland under the Northern Wish lights. When fed to the reindeer it gives them the ability, like wishes, to float to the sky.

  • This year taking place on 7th and 12th of December, our Superstar Days are tour dates that have been specifically designed around children and families with additional needs. With a lower capacity, slower pacing and subsidised pricing; Superstar Days create more opportunities for families who otherwise would not be able to attend the event. Please see our Superstar Day page for more information: 

  • 2017 marks our 10th anniversary and we want to celebrate! In order to do so, we decided to create Magic Monday on 27th November. Magic Monday is a standard tour day with tickets priced at £49pp. 

  • Conker is Lapland’s silliest elf, and because of his mischievous antics he hasn’t yet completed his elf training. It’s going to take someone very special to train conker how to behave… 

  • Included in the ticket price is a personalised invitation and entry into Father Christmas’ arctic homeland, an Elf Passport for every child, all activities, ice skating and a beautiful gift for every child. Also included is one photograph of your children with Father Christmas per booking. Plus a Christmas Morning Thank You card from Father Christmas! 

  • Of course! The toys the children make in the Toy Factory are delivered by Father Christmas to girls and boys around the world.

    You can purchase the toy either via the ‘Personalise my Visit’ portal or at LaplandUK during your visit. 

  • You’ll receive an E-Ticket 48 hours before the date of your tour. We suggest printing it off or having it available to show the Elves on your device. In the post, you’ll receive a letter from LaplandUK for the booker, and the children will receive an invitation and Christmas Morning Thank You note from Father Christmas. Only the E-Ticket will allow entry to the event, so please ensure you have it ready when you arrive.

  • Jingles are the currency of LaplandUK – one of the world’s most robust currencies it has held its exchange rate of £1=1J for ten years! 

    Once you travel through the magical pathway to Lapland you will only be able to spend Jingles or use your magical credit cards (no foreign currency fees apply ;o)).

    You can purchase Jingles in advance via the Magical Extras page, or on site from Jingle the elf-banker, or in the Elven Village Post Office.

    Any unused Jingles can be changed back into Human currency at the end of your visit free of charge. 

  • If you haven’t received your children’s invitations 10 days before your tour, please get in touch with the team at Please wait until at least 10 days before your tour date when letting us know they haven’t arrived.

  • You can. Simply head over to the Personalise my Visit portal on our website and click the ‘download’ tab at the top. We include where you should cut and fold the print out as well for you.

  • Father Christmas awards a golden sleigh bell to each Elf when they successfully complete Elf training. The Elf blacksmith, Ambolt makes these in his forge. 

  • Absolutely! Babies (and elflets) under 12-months-old can visit for free. 

    Please note: Each group must have at least one paying child on the booking. 

  • Child tickets start at 12-months, and end at 16 years. You are more than welcome to book a baby or an adult over 16 years old as a child ticket if you’d like them to experience LaplandUK as a child would.

  • You can change the date or time of your tour on the Personalise my Visit area of the website. Just log in and click ‘my booking’ to see how. You may be charged extra if moving to a more expensive tour, if you are moving to a lower price-bracket please email so we can arrange a refund of the difference. 

  • That’s a great question! When someone makes a wish it rises like hot air to the top of the world where they collect and form the Northern Wishing Lights. A special elf called Wish is able to see individual wishes and inform the Toy Factory so they never fall behind in their toy making. When Father Christmas (or The Toy Maker as still calls himself) receives a letter he can select the correct toys from the millions the Elves have already made. It’s really rather clever! (Find out more about Wish here)

  • Yes. To add child or adult tickets to your booking, please log in to ‘Personalise My Visit’ and click ‘my party’ to edit the tickets on your booking 

    You will be able to do this up to 7 days before the date of your tour. If you book a child ticket at this point, we will endeavour to post the invitation out in time, but recommended you download it from ‘Personalise My Visit’ just in case it doesn’t arrive in time.

    Please note that you’ll only be able to add tickets this way. If you need to cancel tickets, please see the ‘can I cancel my booking and get a refund?’ question below.

  • Last year, we introduced new characters, activities and a new look for each area, created by Hollywood set designer Sonja Klaus. This year we’ve been listening to feedback from our guests and planning for our 10th Anniversry Celebrations:

    Magic Monday – All tickets priced £49pp – a new resource for your family in the build-up to Christmas.

    New toy in the Toy Factory – a beautiful plush Polar Bear mother and cub.

    More surprises & special announcements during the year…

  • While you’ll be inside for some sections of the event, the majority is outdoors in the natural forest setting of Whitmoor Forest. Due to this, we recommend you bring appropriate footwear and wrap up warm. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of areas which offer shelter to keep you warm and dry. Please be aware that despite our best efforts, due to the setting of the forest, some pathways are steep and can get muddy at times. If you wish to come dressed as an elf that’s more than welcome! We would suggest coming dressed as ‘Conker – the silly elf’ – it makes him giddy with excitement when he sees someone who looks like him! 

  • Yes, LaplandUK has a no smoking policy in all areas of the site, including outside.

  • Absolutely, but please bear in mind the length of time it can take for the post to reach you. It might be best to enter the address you will be staying at, so we can post your letter there for when you arrive.

  • No. You're just being silly now aren't you?

  • If you booked and need to cancel either separate tickets or the whole booking within 14 days of booking, please get in touch at and our Guest Experience team will be happy to arrange a refund for you, minus the cost of Ticket Protection (if purchased).   

    Alternatively, if it is after 14 days and you booked Ticket Protection at the point of purchase, you will be able to apply for a refund on the TicketPlan website. LINK Please see our terms and conditions for more information. 

  • Yes – LaplandUK features several cafés, as well as a restaurant at the Village Square. Families will have the opportunity to choose from a range of delicious meals. The Village Square also contains a bratwurst stand, for those who do not require a full meal. 

    A full menu will be available in November.

  • Our restaurant caters to a wide range of dietary requirements, including gluten & dairy free options. More information will be available on our menu in November. For any specific questions, please ask the team at

  • We recommend arriving 20-30 minutes before the time of your tour, to make sure you have everything you need and to give you time to grab a coffee or hot chocolate & pastry from our woodland café if you need it. Please note you will not be allowed into LaplandUK before your tour starts. 

  • If possible, we will endeavour to accommodate you and book you into the next available tour, however as there are only a certain number of places available, this may not be possible and you may be escorted forward to your booked tour. We therefore do recommend you aim to arrive between 20-30 minutes early to avoid this.

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Signed off by: Conker
Position: Trainee Toy Factory Elf