Premium Plus Tours

LaplandUK offers a limited number of Premium+ Tours providing the ultimate LaplandUK experience.

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Each Tour includes:

  • Conker Hats for everybody A copy of Mother Christmas’ Puzzoodles book for every child
  • Freedom to spend as long in the Elven village as you please, before your visit to Father Christmas
  • Front row seats in The Glade
  • A private meet & greet with The Elf Travel Master
  • A personal audience with Sage, the oldest Elf in the Enchanted Forest
  • Reserved table and meal in the Elven Restaurant
  • Receive a Hand Painted 2017 collectable Bauble (from Father Christmas) and a commorative scrapbook with all the photos with Father Christmas to treasure

All of this is in addition to the Premium LaplandUK experience.

Prices from £190pp

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